The Kindred Workshop was developed by Angela of Hazel and Haze Photography and Kacey of Kacey Gilpin Photography after both discovering a genuine passion for teaching photography basics to moms and beginners to better capture the here and now.

This photography course was designed for moms and beginners who want to take better pictures of their kids and family, while also building an inspired, positive community with other like-minded women.  

We cover topics including:

- camera settings (primarily manual mode)

- depth of field

- aperture

- exposure

- finding the best lighting for pictures

- composition

Our Story

Meet Angela

I'm a native Tulsan, but after finding a hunky husband, we are putting down roots in the little town of Enid, OK.  I spend most of my days playing with our toddler daughter, snuggling our two (huge) pups, and rockin' yoga pants and anything blush colored. When I started Hazel and Haze Photography four years ago, I had no idea how much joy I would experience through this business. I love creating beautiful images and capturing once in a lifetime memories, but even more so, I genuinely love each person that my business brings into my life. While I love capturing weddings and lifestyle portraits for others, I love teaching other moms and beginning photographers, which allows me to have an even greater impact on the photography industry and in our community. Kacey and I are so glad you found our Kindred Photography Workshop website and we hope you have enjoyed getting to know us both a little bit better and we hope you'll join us at the next Kindred Workshop!  

Meet Kacey


I'm a small town Oklahoma girl living in the (biggish) city of Tulsa. I taught sixth grade English until I became a mom, which is when I rediscovered my passion for photography. Three kids and six years later, I find myself with a really fun, messy family and a thriving photography business. I couldn't be more thankful. I'm thirty-one years old and have more dreams at this point in my life than I've ever had before and I think that's pretty cool. I do a lot of everything and have always functioned best wearing lots of hats. I'm currently enjoying the wedding, interior, and commercial facets of my photography business, but you give me any subject and I'll shoot it until the sun goes down. I don't (and can't) do anything on my own- I've got an amazing husband and village surrounding me that makes work, life, family, and dreams possible. I believe in doing things together, which brings me to Kindred. My friend and fellow creative, Angela, shares my passion for education and photography and we've found an opportunity to do both by teaching moms and beginners how to use their DSLR cameras so they, too, can use photos as a means of documenting their family's everyday lives and preserving their legacy for generations to come.  I love meeting people and building community. Please consider joining ours by attending a workshop.