Our Top 5 Camera Gear Must- Haves for Beginners

Hello, hello!  

We're checking in this summer with some of our new camera gear must-haves for beginners!  You're going to love this list: stylish, useful, and affordable.

1 | We've recently stumbled upon Gatta, which makes chic, designer-worthy mini camera bags that are budget-friendly prices. If you're in the market for a camera bag, Gatta bags are the perfect way to protect your camera and stay stylish at the same time. We love the color and style options available! 

2 | As always, we've include the "nifty fifty" lens because it's the best upgrade your camera can get from your kit lenses. We believe it's the most affordable way to upgrade your camera and here's why: f1.8 allows you to get a lot more light and depth of field into your photos! We've included links to Canon, Nikon, and Sony lenses for your specific camera manufacturer. Make sure to double check your camera model's mount compatibility before purchasing!

Already have a 50mm? Try the 35mm focal length. It's also a favorite of ours!

4 | Another easy but necessary addition to your camera gear is a memory card with 90 MB/s or or faster processing.  Storing your photos on a memory card that has faster reading and writing speed will ensure that your memory card can keep up with all the clicks when your photographing your children at play or your pets speeding by. We've included our favorite memory card recommendation below- it's fast and high quality!

5 | Last but not least is a must-have for beginner photographers. Whether you're photographing food, your kids, or a client, a camera strap is always a good idea to help protect your camera!  There are hundreds of options out there to fit your personal style- anything from braided letter to nylon. We've included one of our favorites to get you started, but we also recommend searching Amazon and Etsy to find your personal preference.


1 | Gatta Lola Miel Camera Bag 2 | "Nifty Fifty" 50 mm 1.8 Lens Canon, Nikon, Sony 3 | Pelican SD Card Case 4 | Lexar Professional 16GB SD Card 5 | Lifemate Camera Strap

As always, if you need help reach out to us at kindredphotographyworkshop@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you!

With Love,

Angela + Kacey