Photography Christmas Wishlist from Kindred Photography Workshop

In need of camera gear?

Whether you're looking to get your first camera, or you're ready to add a few new accessories to the mix, we've got a great list of suggestions for your wish list this Christmas!

If you're about to buy your first basic, starter camera with manual mode capabilities, read all about our top camera suggestions here.  As always, contact us if you’re needing more help making decisions!

Most starter cameras do come with kit lenses, but we love what we call the "nifty fifty", or the 50 mm 1.8 lens. It's an affordable addition to your camera gear and such a great piece of equipment that can really take your photographs to the next level. Read about our favorite lens recommendations here.

If you're ready to learn manual mode and take creative control of your photographs, check your calendar for the next Kindred Photography Workshops! We have three upcoming workshops in Spring 2019. Will you be joining us? Register HERE

We’ve put together a quick wish list that includes everything you need as a budding photographer, mom tog, and/or beginner.

Be sure to email us with any questions, especially about cameras and lenses, at We love helping you get started, and making sure you've got everything you need to grab a seat at our next workshop! 

With Love,

Angela + Kacey