Camera Gear Essentials

If you tuned into our Instagram Live about camera gear last week, THANK YOU!! We hope our suggestions on basic camera gear for getting started in manual mode was helpful. 

If you missed our live chat last week or needed more notes, we have a great post put together for you on camera gear essentials! We showed you and/or talked about the following items and have included them with links below. We think that you'll find these accessories very helpful in using and caring for your camera!

We love comfortable, functional items for the busy woman and mom. Links are included below the image. 

 1/ "Nifty Fifty" 50 mm 1.8 Lenses (Canon, Nikon, Sony)  2/ Camera Backpack   3/ Fawn Design Diaper Bag  4/ Padded Camera Insert (for converting a diaper bag or tote)  5/ Lens Pen   6/ Pelican Card Case 7/ SD Memory Card  8/  Camera Strap  9/ Tripod

We hope you find these suggestions helpful! You can even price compare or find your preference on design and color for these accessories by searching Google, Amazon, or Etsy for similar items!

With Love,

Kacey & Angela