Lauren G. 

Before attending the Kindred workshop, I liked the idea of taking photos using my "nice" camera, but didn't enjoy actually taking the photos. It was stressful, confusing and honestly, a little frustrating! After attending, I am much more confident, empowered and truly enjoy the process of setting up the space, camera and finding the shot I want! I love the fact that I am able to capture our family's memories in this way and feel so proud of MY photos! The teaching and hands-on practice were the perfect compliments to a productive and fun learning environment. The manual provided the motivation to practice and continue learning in our own environments, and openness to questions, feedback and further is greatly appreciated too! Lastly, Angela & Kacey prepared a beautiful atmosphere for the workshop, with fun "swag" to boot, which made for a quaint, special & perfect afternoon. Lucky for me, this was my Mother's Day gift and I couldn't have chosen anything more perfect for me (& my family)! It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Emily H. 

I was so nervous about coming because my dreams and goals are bigger than life itself, but you both put me at ease with your genuinely loving spirits. I learned so, so much and I'm going home today to capture my daughter in the moment!

I am still on a high from the OKC workshop. I don't think there's anything you could do that would've made it better. I want to do it again!

Jenny H.

I truly believe this experience is worth the money and I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to be with you both and learn from you!

Jill V.

The Kindred workshop has inspired me to use my nice camera more often now that I know how to use it to it's ability! I love the photos I am able to take of my kids now; they are all SO much better than they ever were in automatic mode.

Vanessa B. 

Kindred provided a comfortable, relaxed setting in which I was able to receive instruction, ask questions openly, and practice with one-on-one guidance! It was extremely beneficial to be able to take practice photos and then learn from a professional photographer the changes necessary to get my desired look! I feel more confident and am able to more quickly troubleshoot/change settings to achieve a beautiful image!

Kindred Photography Workshop was better than I could've ever expected! The natural light was wonderful and everything was so comfortable and inviting.