The best thing I’ve done all year is the Kindred Photography Workshop. I’m just so thankful I can finally take photos of my family that I love.

- Jordan G., Kindred Tulsa

I was so nervous about coming because my dreams and goals are bigger than life itself, but you both put me at ease with your genuinely loving spirits. I learned so, so much and I'm going home today to capture my daughter in the moment!

-Emily H., Kindred OKC

The Kindred workshop has inspired me to use my nice camera more often now that I know how to use it to it's ability! I love the photos I am able to take of my kids now; they are all SO much better than they ever were in automatic mode.

-Jill V., Kindred Tulsa

Kindred simplified the use of my DSLR camera by using hands-on techniques and individual instruction. Kacey and Angela are so encouraging! I now feel good about the understanding of my camera and love capturing the everyday moments of my children that I cherish the most!

- Ginnifer, Kindred Tulsa


These photos are so much better than anything I’ve shot with my camera before!

- Patterson R., Kindred Private Workshop

Kindred was even better than I could've ever expected! The natural light was wonderful and everything was so comfortable and inviting.

- Vanessa B., Kindred Tulsa

Before attending the Kindred workshop, I liked the idea of taking photos using my "nice" camera, but didn't enjoy actually taking the photos. It was stressful, confusing and honestly, a little frustrating! After attending, I am much more confident, empowered and truly enjoy the process of setting up the space, camera and finding the shot I want! I love the fact that I am able to capture our family's memories in this way and feel so proud of MY photos! The teaching and hands-on practice were the perfect compliments to a productive and fun learning environment.

- Lauren G., Kindred Tulsa

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my camera now! I took pictures with my camera all weekend long and still have a lot to learn, but I’m amazed by how much I learned in such a short time period with the tools you equipped us with!

- Bailey B, Kindred Private Workshop